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Alessandra on Platinum Rule downloadable MP3

The One Hour Cure for Interpersonal Conflict

Of course, all of us have had the unfortunate experience of not hitting it off with someone. A coworker. A customer. A recruiter on a job interview. Your mother-in law...

When this happens, you can feel the tension in the air. It's like you're speaking an entirely different language.

*You try to make them laugh and your jokes fall flat!
*Your conversation is full of awkward pauses and strained smiles!
*You step over each other's words and mercilessly cut each other off like two cars stuck in mid-day traffic!
*And, in the very worst cases, you openly disagree with each other, creating resentment and friction that lasts a lifetime!
(I bet you know one or two people at work you have this problem with!)

On the flipside, we all know what it's like to experience that magical feeling of achieving rapport with someone. Now, you feel totally at ease. Confident. Powerful. You can't describe what the feeling is between you, but it's electric. You feel like you've known this person your entire life almost. But in some cases, you may have just met them five minutes ago!

Oh boy, if only you could enjoy this feeling with everyone!

Well, you can. But first you have to apply The Platinum Rule!

The Platinum Rule is my system for achieving instant rapport and chemistry with anyone. It teaches you how to "read" people by their words and actions in order to determine what their personality style is in seconds. Then you learn how to adapt your personality style to meet them halfway. The result is an unmistakable and unbreakable bond based on 35 years of my behavioral research in the area of human relationships.

Sound complicated?

Well it's not. Learning and applying The Platinum Rule has always been easy… and I've just gone and made it so much easier by creating my Alessandra on The Platinum Rule MP3.

This one hour audio program represents the ultimate snapshot introduction to the 4 Platinum Rule personality styles you encounter at work and in your social life, and how to communicate with each of them more effectively.

So, if you're a Big Picture kind of person who likes things fast and funny, Alessandra on the Platinum Rule MP3 provides the perfect in-depth overview of my entire Platinum Rule personality system without exhausting you with too many details.

I've taken all the choice bits and comic gems from my 20+ years of presenting the Platinum Rule to Fortune 500 companies and put it all down right here on this easy to download MP3.

Listen to it now on your computer or burn it to a CD and play it in your car. (Take some of the edge off that commute!). I guarantee that within moments you'll see all your office and client relationships in a different light. All the mysteries behind the people you work with will be revealed. Your eyes will be left wide opened.

You learn:

*The four basic behavior types and how to deal effectively with each one.
*Which personality style defines you - are you a Thinker, Director, Relater, or Socializer?
*How to easily determine the personality style of everyone you meet and work with in a few short minutes.
*How to improve your compatibility with anyone and everyone.
*How to genuinely know and understand what makes people tick.
*Why you act the way you do and how to break out of your negative behavior cycles.
*How to improve your productivity and clear the way for career advancement using your increased Personality IQ as your guide!
Within the hour it takes to listen to Alessandra on the Platinum Rule MP3, you'll know how to get along with people better than ever. You'll notice how powerful your communication skills have become when talking with your co-workers. And they'll notice it too. People will begin coming to you for advice. You'll become a leader in their eyes.

My personal guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with the results I'm positive you'll see in the first 60 days, pick up the phone or send me an email and I'll refund your money on the spot! No questions asked.

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